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how's the limelight?

Seeing as myspace has become the big rage, I decided to bust this old thing out and rock the old school like it was last year. I figure why not, I ain't got anything better to do. With that said, everything is still pretty much same old, same old. I've been playing Halo 2 and working a lot. I hate my job and really hope I'll someday find a better one. Hooked up with this chick and pretty much hang out with the same friends (well, actually, just more like Eric, I dunno where Brandon's been). Just trying to look up. I might start working out a little, that would be beneficial. I work for the next couple days, so I'll be pretty busy, hopefully something interesting might happen by Wednesday that I could report, I'm doubting it though. Well for the sake of actually trying to contribute something of significance, i'll post some mini reviews of current films in theaters. I still go to the movies a lot with my sister and lately have seen most of the stuff out, so just like anyone, i got an opinion and here ya go.

Fantastic Four:
You know when you hear a lot of hype about a particular film and going in expecting good things, but ultimately feel a little let down because of that? This wasn't one of those films, in fact the opposite seemed to have dawned on me as I personally had no anticipation when i saw the trailer and to further my speculation of this being a bad flick, been hearing the bad reviews for it. I of course saw and was actually surprised to say that it was a pretty good film. No, there's nothing fantastic about it, but it was actually sort of a fun movie. I was concerned over Ioan Gruffudd playing Mr. Fantastic as he didn't look as old as the character, but instead he surprised me with a solid performance and if there was a sequel, i'd be glad to see him in the same role. The same goes for Chris Evans (who you might remember from Cellular and Not Another Teen Movie) who I thought portrayed the role of The Human Torch very well, bringing it to life and making it a very fun character. I personally thought Michael Chiklis's performance as The Thing lacked and Jessica Alba did a decent but pretty much subpar job as playing The Invisible Girl (and to be honest, i just wanted to see some skin Jessica, damn that PG-13 rating). Julian McMahon playing Mr. Doom was well done and I enjoyed the character depliction. The only problems I had with the film was not enough fights took place. There was really only one real big fight and to be honest, there wasn't anything overly spectacular about it. The other problem is one particular part about the story that bugged the hell out of me. I won't detail what it was, but if you see or have seen it, it's the part where The Thing re-enters that machine, that's all I'll say about that and I disliked where that went. To say in short, give this movie a try, you just might be surprised on how much you'll enjoy it.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:
Who doesn't love the acting of Depp? How can someone not appreciate the directing of Burton? I guess we all can now, because to be honest, they did a terrible job with this movie. The duo makes sense, but the execution just didn't follow through. I personally have never read the book, so I honestly can't comment on how close this depliction was and from what I've heard, the book was supposed to be darker, scarier, but it didn't seem that way in this film. I still enjoy the Golden Egg room over the Nut Room. Depp talked in a little funny voice and was more jumpy than scary. The abomination that were the Oompa Loompas were disgusting. They were all played by the same guy, weren't oddly unnerving as the ones in the original and everytime they danced with the few songs that were in the movie, it made me want to throw up. The acting by the children were admirable, but I still enjoy the ones from the original more. They completely took out the Bubble Room from the first film. But there is some good with this bad. Although there wasn't many songs in the film, the ones you do hear were all composed by Danny Elfman. He did the soundtrack and it's really fantastic so I suggest you ditch the money to go see this flick and just buy the soundtrack wherever you can find it. Burton and Depp set out to make a completely different film than the original and they succeeded, they made a even worse version. Do yourself a favor and rent and/or buy the original and stick with Gene Wilder, you just can't go wrong with his creepy performance as the billionaire candy maker.

Wedding Crashers:
Hilarious. This was indeed a great movie and pretty much for one reason only...Vince Vaughn. Vince is hysterical and if you liked movies such as Old School, you're gonna cry with this one, and the great thing is that it has an R rating, so they don't hold anything back. The way Vince and Owen scheme in this movie to get what they want is great, but it gets even better when it comes to a screeching hault when Owen finds out he's falling in love. Yes, there is actually a story to this one, and it's a good one, but I won't lie, I sort of still wanted to just see these two go around to parties and see what sort of antics they get it, but nevertheless, I was satisfied. Owen Wilson does a decent job as being the buddy of Vaughn, but I still just don't find him that funny. Christopher Walker is great in it and the sexy Rachel McAdams does a great job as Owen's love interest. Oh yeah, I should also mention that Isla Fisher does a pretty damn good job and well, who doesn't want a girlfriend like her? Wait though, there's more. Will Farrell makes a cameo appearance and although can't steal this movie away from Vaughn, he still just makes you chuckle everytime you see him. I have nothing more to say my friends. See it! I'll definately be buying this one when it comes out on DVD.

Devil's Rejects:
Rob. You did a much, much, MUCH better job on this film and it shows you're really shaping up to be a good director. House of 1,000 Corpses was an admirable first attempt, but let's be honest, it just wasn't good. If you want to really see what Mr. Zombie can do, see this one and ditch that copy of of House of 1,000 Corpses. This film is gritty and pretty surreal as you get to see the demented family pick up from where they left off and trot along being the center of a police manhunt. Although they are unforgiving, I still thought Rob could have pushed the limits more and made it a little bit more gory, I mean that's what his fans are expecting, and he does deliver, but I still am asking for more. The acting is great (and you know what, his girlfriend who plays one of the lead roles, is turning out to be a pretty damn good actor, plus she's cute) and story is unmerciful. It slows down a little bit towards the end which a lot of people like myself complain about, but I think he just wanted to take a break and show that this family was still vulnerable. I have to mention that i loved William Forsythe's role as the sherrif. Another great thing about the movie is the soundtrack. Rob decided instead of doing a lot of his own songs, he went with classic southern rock and country hits during the 70's which really deplict the time period. He even went as far as to enlist Jesse Dayton, a rockabilly texan to create songs for his fictional Banjo band featured in the film itself (called Banjo and Sullivan, they are the band in the film that gets abducted by the crazed family and later killed) and actually put out a best of album with them on it, that being an actual record you can go to stores and buy for this fictional band which I found to be a brilliant and interesting move on his part. The only thing I disliked was one character dying off. I won't say who as it might spoil some of the story for some, but let's just say it involves that person getting their neck snapped. Overall I was impressed, the film is a chilling ghost of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and makes no mistake of keeping the grime on the screen. I wonder what's next for Mr. Zombie.

Bad News Bears:
Billy Bob Thorton has found his niche, his calling I think. Playing another drunken loser with just a little bit of hard, Thorton does a great job of trying to lead a team of foul mouthed kids who doesn't know the first thing about fundamentals of baseball or any sport for that matter. There's even one kid on the team who's in a wheelchair, now how to do you manage that? I think it's great in the spirit of the original movie, they kept this thing rauncy with an R rating. This is very much like Bad Santa, which I enjoyed extremely, but not quite as good. Why? Because about half way through the film, the story gives up the crude humor for a little more heart which starts progressing, which entirely seems like it turns into an actual serious film. That's really the biggest problem with this movie, it's hysterical to begin with, but then the character of the coach that Thorton plays starts to win games and become serious. I think it should have progressed slower. The children did well and at times are even more crude than Thorton is, but you have to love all the antics in this film. The original is great and this is a pretty good remake. I suggest you give this film a try, especially if you like Bad Santa, and if you've never seen that film, make sure to go out and rent that one too as it's even more hysterical. Bob, I hope you keep playing a white trash alcoholic in all your future films, it's your thing, and anyways, you have nothing to prove, you already banged the hell out of Angelina Jolie.

The Island:
There isn't much I can say to advance or really put down this film. It was just so-so for me. The story is solid, but there just wasn't enough action in it for my taste. Ewan McGregor did a pretty good job of acting and it's nice to see him in another film other than Star Wars. Scarlett Johansson is becoming quite the blonde bombshell (i was actually thinking to myself while watching this movie, "man, Scarlett is hotter than Jessica Alba, damn!"). Steve Buscemi is also in it and does a great job like usual, unfortunately he's not in it for long. Michael Clarke Duncan has a very short role in it. I was kinda surprised how the story twisted on me, we all know there isn't actually an Island, so where were they gonna go with this film? Well they went where anyone would have went, to reality. People, this film is about rich people purchasing insurance policies on themselves, thus buying themselves clones. Personally I have to say I hated the ending. It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, it's just...incorrect. There isn't a whole lot to say. The story was subpar as the acting was. There needed to be more action and a better ending. I would probably ignore seeing this film, go see something better, unless you're a big Scarlett Johansson fan.
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