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I went and saw the Dukes of Hazzard on Wednesday night, so here's what I have to say about it...

I've seen the television show many times and although it had it's merits, i was still never a big fan of it, but my opinion shared about it being fun and cute carries much so over to the movie version just released. The movie was fun to wasn't hilarious or wild, but just cute with a dumbed down script that seems to mirror something you'd see on the older television show. I thought Johnny Knoxville did an excellent job as Bo and is becoming quite the serious wouldn't surprise me to see much more of him. I don't think I really have to save anything about Burt Reynolds...but I will, he was great as Boss Hogg. Sean William Scott did a pretty good job as Luke, but to be honest, the two of them still didn't seem to fully grasp the good guy innocent type of roles that were portrayed in the show, but perhaps a more up to date version. Willie had small parts, but it was fun to see him. Jessica Simpson, although looks quite well in a bikini didn't add anything too specticular to the cast, but I think she played the part well......not that it was anything demanding to play anyways. As perverted as it may sound, Simpson should have wore more skimpy flesh revealing things in the flick as that was mainly her only reason for being there. Another bad mood point was that there wasn't nearly as many stunts performed as I had expected, which there should have because it's 2005 and we can easily out do what the TV show delivered to it's viewers. I did however enjoy the huge stunt you often see in the commercials where they fly onto the freeway....they show a few failed attempts of that being performed during the credits and boy does it look nasty.

Essentially the verdict is go see the flick. It's fun to watch and it has a pretty decent cast. I compares well to the TV show and fans I think will like it....maybe not love it...but i really doubt they'll hate it. I probably won't be jumping too soon to buy this on DVD, but it's definately a prospect in the future.
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