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Four Brothers

I just got back from seeing Four Brothers, so if interested, here's my opinion on it.

I didn't really have much interest in seeing this movie, the context to me was another repetitive story about revenge for a mother with the tag of a well known director behind it, but to say the least, i was fortunate to see this movie and really enjoyed it. They didn't hold a lot back and the brothers jumped right in was a violent flick. Four diverse brothers, all adopted decide to investigate their mothers seemingly strange murder and uncover details that leave a trail which proves there was a motive behind it. Actually, to be honest, I'm still unsure on how the story ended because there wasn't a motive and no reason behind her murder...but perhaps I'll have to watch it again to "get it". They also tried to throw in some twists and one in question, was unexpected, but the problem is that they killed it off too fact it would have been more interesting if those events were true and it shown the human character of being flawed, no matter how close somebody is. I think the real big reason I liked this movie was because it was impulsive. The brothers didn't try to reason with was their way or the high way and they never concerned themselves with common decency or laws, but rather the information at hand. They were vigilantes and how can you not enjoy a movie about that? The acting was good...Mark has plenty of years left in him and I still enjoy his movies to this day, even if he was Marky Mark. Andre 3000 didn't surprise me by turning on a good performance, i think he's just got one of those faces and he's making the transition pretty well. I also liked the character of Victor as he was rutheless a lot of the time, even with one scene making a failed employee of his eat his dinner off of the ground and then to boot, making his mouthy girl join him. I was surprised...I honestly thought it was probably gonna bore me, especially considering how tired i was going into the movie beforehand, but there wasn't a moment that I didn't feel dull and nod off and in my book, that is a big up in the prop department. I say give this movie a try, even if you weren't planning to because if you enjoyed a flick like "Man on Fire", I am sure you're going to enjoy this one as well.

Nothing much going on, i didn't do anything today, which is sad. hopefully tommorow i won't be as lazy. enjoy yourselves...and each other.
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