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I picked Eric from the airport today. Was good seeing him again. Brandon came with, unfortunately we didn't run into as much traffic as we expected, so we ended up waiting like 40 minutes at the terminal, but it's all good because i never get to hang out at airports anyways.

After we got home, we decided to go out to lunch and went and tried this place nearby called The Twisted Sandwich. The girl was about to close, but was very nice and served us. Wasn't bad, i'll probably go back and try the all you can eat french toast sometime. She was kinda a wacky host, but nice...she ended up giving us some free brownies and a cookie.

We talked about getting back into Warcraft and forming a 5 man group on a low population server. Reason for that is because Eric has trouble playing on dial-up and hasn't been able to play on the servers we'd normally play on because it kicks him off. Another thing is we need a fifth man to flesh out the group. So hopefully that's in the works.

When i got home though, Eric called me to officially announce he was gonna get high speed internet (and internet phone). Awesome news there, so we probably won't even need to really move.

Not much else is going. Gotta work tonight, but have tommorow off. Eric, me and Brandon are going to hang out again then and maybe go see the 40 Year Old Virgin. Me and Brandon already saw it, but it's hilarious as hell. Everyone should definately go see it, maybe i'll write something on it later. That's all.
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