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wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you.

alright. so i was in the Factoria area and decided to stop by the Target there, never been there. It's a nice store, has a nice food court, but seems a little bit smaller than ours. The music and movies section is completely backwards from ours, it looked so funky and not all the aisles match...there was an aisle of hair dryers and the such in the sporting goods section (which would be the back for us, opposite, ours is in the front up with the Health and Beauty products.) I was feeling friendly, so I introduced myself to one of the LOD's. She seemed creeped out by it but was nice enough. i guess she rooms with one of the people from my store. she was very tall as well.

anyways, so i figured i'd say the hell with it and go into this joint to get a burger, wanted to try new things lately. so I got into the place right around the corner called Goldbergs. boy was this a swanky joint. it was like a bar and restaraunt, but with a deli right on the side (and i do mean inside right on the side). There was virtually nobody in there, but then again, this was 3:00 in the afternoon. Anyways, i go in, a very very pretty girl was at the counter, got a table, looked at the menu and yikes. Burgers were $8 plus. Everything was so expensive and i was like...maybe this wasn't a good idea, but you know, i couldn't walk out. I sat down and now I had to order something. I was like ok, damn, so I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger (which came with fries and coleslaw). Took forever to get my meal...literally i was waiting 20 minutes plus. Finally got it. The coleslaw (which i don't like, so I guess it doesn't matter) came in literally a sauce bowl, it was so small. There wasn't much french fries on the plate, but they were big. I also got a side of ranch and I guess it's homemade first I didn't like it, but I started getting into it and I think it was the best part of the meal. The burger was very good, not fantastic, not orgasmic, but pretty darn good. Was it worth it? I'm still cheap, so I have to say no. Besides the long wait for the food, the service was excellent, the girl was very nice and the establishment is quite big and fancy. They had some sort of New York theme going. Would I go back? Probably not, but if I did, it'd likely be mostly for the service and the fact I've got money to blow. If you've got plenty of money and aren't cheap, it's a good place to go out and try. The environment was nice, layed back and friendly. The food was good. The prices was steep. But I did tip well.

On that note, i was coming back and listening to Marilyn Manson's "Portrait of an American Family" which I haven't listened to in awhile and damn, i almost forgot how awesomely insanely cool that cd is. I'm repeating it as we speak. If I made a compilation cd of all of Manson's best work. That ENTIRE cd would be on there, nothing beats it. simply.

That's all. I'm seeing the Brothers Grimm later tonight with Eric, Brandon, and Brando's brother. Hopefully it's good. Details later.
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