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roleplaying is for pussies, so it seems.

nearly forgot i had one of these things, i should update more often, but i'm doing that now.

back in September I saw Lord of War. I'll just give a rundown and my main problem with the movie. It's about a guy who gets into the arms dealing business while living in New York in the early 80's if I recall. He eventually builds himself up to be the biggest arms dealer in the world. He eventually calls it quits...that is for awhile. My biggest problem with the movie was that it just hopped in and didn't explain many things well. One minute he's doing his very first deal in a shitty hotel room for a few guns and the next minute, he's in Lebannon with a military officer on his payroll selling a million leftover guns...but how do we make such a hop? I expected it be like Blow (starring Johnny Depp) where they'd build-up his success and emphasize more on his downfall, but rather they just dove in. I did like the part in Africa where he first did a combination of cocaine/gunpowder and then went on a sort of binge almost getting killed. I also liked Ethan Hawke's character. Overall, it was good, but not detailed enough.

If you know me, you know I had a birthday back in September. It was very nice indeed.

I also went and saw Serenity about three days ago. I've never seen the Firefly series, although everyone tells me it's good. Unfortunately I was pretty tired and dozed off during a few parts, but overall, I did enjoy the film. Could have had a little more action in it, but it had good characters with some good comedy, even a little a black comedy there. I plan to see it a second time, I know one of my friends wants to see it, so i'll probably see it with him and hopefully get a better opinion and catch the parts i missed and hopefully he'll let me borrow his boxset of the season because i'd like to see it.

Hmmm. Anything else? Not really. Been playing Halo 2 a little bit, I seem to be getting worst and/or lazy, but it's still fun. I only seem to want to play objective team games nowadays and cringe when i'm in a slayer game, it's just not as exciting or fun. Oh yeah, remodeling the house, it's almost complete, but it's still not there. The worst part, moving the stuff back in. Hopefully we can get it down in a week, if so, i might try and have that Halo party here i've told a few people that may not remember. hmmm, don't think there is anything else. I rented The Interpreter and Robots the other day. Both are very good movies. Best part of Robots is of course, Robin Williams character.

Well, nothing more. Later.
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