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get Lost.

Been busy, seems like there's a lot to do. Job could be better, i'm trying to change positions at work, but at the moment, they don't want me to, or won't let me...the later rather.

If you know me, you know I've been on the Blockbuster pass for awhile. Well, officially today, I am canceling it. It's nice, but expensive. I'm trying out Netflix finally since hearing so much about it and hope to get the first DVD's soon. Gonna try them, cancel, and then perhaps try Blockbuster online and compare my experience. Overall, the selection will be better, it'll be cheaper, and it'll save me gas money...the downsides, gotta wait or day or two...but that's it. Hopefully they are as fast as they say they are. If anyone has or has used Blockbuster online, feel free to let me know how they are.

I saw half of Waiting a few days ago and the Exorcism of Emily Rose last night. Reason I only saw half of Waiting was because I fell asleep and made it to the showing late, but the half I did see was very funny and I plan to see it again. If you don't know what it's about, it's pretty much about a group of people who work for a restaurant, and one of them is going for a managerial position, but is having doubts and overall, it's just about the pranks and behaviour that goes on. Ryan Reynolds, Dane Cook, that one chick from those Scream parodies, that one annoying short guy/kid from MTV...Andy I forget his last name. Anyways, the only gripe I had was that I didn't see enough Dane Cook in it.

The Excorcism of Emily Rose was decent. It was way too slow, but it was better than I expected. The parts with Rose was good and creepy, so there should have been more of those and they should have diced more of the court scenes. The story goes like this, this girl from this small town goes to college, and then starts seeing stuff. They think it's some case of epilepsy and/or psychosis. She eventually returns home and loses medical treatment and takes a belief that demons has taken over her and enlists the help of a priest. The priest of course goes through an excorcism, but unfortunately the girl dies from it. The priest gets put on trial saying it was his fault she died and was reckless to avoid medical help. The point of the story in my opinion was lame, but you know...that's how it goes. There is a point and it was based off a true story.

I must be turning into a TV whore. I finally started watching what I've been hearing a lot about. The first season of Lost is in rotation in my DVD player. I'm only about half-3/4 of the way through Season 1, but it's quite good. A lot of twists and very clever with pretty darn good acting. You can't help to want to see the next episode because there are so many stories involved. I think this show brings a lot of what CSI did, which is multiple stories packed into one drama that can intersect. I also watched the first disc of Stargate SG-1 season 1. Never was much into sci-fi shows, but I liked it. Unfortunately my Blockbuster doesn't have the rest of the season, which ultimately help lead me to getting Netflix, so I'll be continueing that. I also need to pick up the boxset of Firefly from Brandon. Anyone else have any suggestions of what to watch?

That's about it. Now I must return to Lost.
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