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grab the flag!

I really need an active clan for Halo 2, bad. Eric, me, and Gale have to also get our butts in gear and round up another H2 party because the last one kicked mucho rear, but we're not sure where we'll be able to hold this one. John said he might be able to have it at his place because he's booting his roomie out, but he's also getting another one which actually is going to be a guy that works with us who was also gonna show up at the next Halo party (he was gonna show up at the previous, but had to work, we couldn't all get it off for pete's sake). Unfortunately I work tonight, but get the next two nights off so that'll be nice. Eric and I will be hanging out together trying to get this roleplaying thing back on the map. We were gonna do it last week, but Brandon cancelled at the last minute giving some lame excuse, so this week we'll try again...if not, we'll just bust out some Halo and maybe go see a movie, I have to see Stealth anyways. Also, I should recommend some DVD purchases. Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Special Pack just came out today, so everyone should consider that and the Sixth Season of The Simpsons comes out August 16th. Although I own all the previous Seasons, I'll likely not buy this because I'm already being lazy with some of my recent purchases this month...I bought Chappelles Show Season 2 a few months ago and Sealab 2021 Volume 3 just a month ago and have yet to watch either of them, so I shouldn't be spending money on another boxset (I honestly haven't even watched all of Season Five of the Simpsons, I suck!). Anyways, that's about it, slow schedule this week, don't know what i'll be doing on Thursday, hopefully it picks up.
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